Commission Information



Please do NOT send me the payment before I've confirmed that I can get to it.


What I will do: humans, animals, gore, nudity, OCs

What I won't do: cars or vehicle related stuff, a city or series of buildings in the background, canons(except for pokemon)

  • I'll show you the drawing before posting it so that I can edit any mistakes I've made.
  • I accept both points and Paypal, you can choose which one you'd rather pay me with.

  • There will be two optional prices with the points, the cheapest is for just flat colors, for shaded designs will be the most points. Some parts don't have this option however. The money price stays the same.

          Lets get started-



STYLE ONE- Headshot no background: 14-20points or $1


STYLE TWO- Headshot with Background: 20-26points or $1


STYLE THREE- Full body without background: 25-40points or $2

  • If you have a preferred position or expression then let me know.
  • Each additional character is an extra 5points.


STYLE FOUR- Full body with background- 65points or $3

  • Each additional character is an extra 5points.
  • Btw please give me as much details as possible.

STYLE FIVE- Chibi: 8-12points or $1

                 STYLE SIX- Refs- 75points or $4

  • I won't charge you extra payment if you want expression examples too


Shoot me a note in this form if you wanna commission me! If you don't do it in this form then I will ignore ya, sorry mates.

DA Username: 

Paypal or Points:

Flat or Colored: if available 


Character(s) name:

Character(s) Appearance: this is where you send a pic of them to me. All I need is one, just make it a good one.

Details: poses, expressions, ect.

Extra: if you want anything else included